R3 My level 1 Build

My sanded down fins.

The electronics bay made out of a 5.5in coupler, a 0.5 in piece of tube, and a few bulk heads.

I epoxied my engine mount into the tube. After drying I put in the nuts from the roketarium motor retainer kit. The engine mount is 38mm and is 13.25in long and is supported by 3 centering rings made of 1.4 plywood.

Baffle built and inserted. (Sorry no picture building baffle). I used 2 bulkheads which where each drilled out with 4 – 1/4in holes. They where off set in a 6in coupler. After gluing one in I spread out a metal “Choreboy” scrubber to help dissapate heat and placed it in coupler. I attach a eye bolt to the center and epoxied it down. Finally I epoxied on the bulk head and then epoxied it into the tube.

Next step today was dry fitting everything together. Here it is new to one of my 3″ scratch builds.
I applied some 5 minute epoxy to the fins and stuck them in the slots on the tube. I made sure everything was lined up by making a fin alignment cut out using cardboard.

Here are 2 shots after the fins had dried in place. Now on to the fillets.